Quality Control
FlexPrint offers the best-in-class quality products and services by incorporating the newest computer-controlled devices available in the market.

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to ensure efficient and reliable quality control at every stage of production.

Starting from design to print, to the actual packaging, our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery provide the best packaging solutions to establish consistent standardization of printing profiles.

Thanks to our in-house ink mixer, we have been able to consistently guarantee accurate color matching, meeting the most precise requirements of our clients.

We also take pride in our various equipment that helps us ensure quality control such as:

Image Control – Access Control – Spectrophotometer – Gloss Meter

Our color management equipment includes the image and access control system that is connected to the printing machines for automatic color adjustment and stability. Also, our xRite spectrophotometer is a convenient portable and handheld instrument that easily adapts to a range of workflows and accurately measures color on a broad array of materials. Our gloss meter is used to test glossiness in paper and printing.